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If There is No Cop

Hello ,Its mine on thought that if in a country or world cops not avalable than what will be happen.Have you ever thought about this, if you have any problam you have mobile phone but no one there who will pick up your phone , What you will do than.

In a particular contry if police is not working and they are on rest, any alots of goon are walking in the street , if some one is going outside from home than these people are sitting ,as they get this man they looted him and some time they attack by any knife , some time they attack by any big stick and they can use another itm. and after this you do not have option , you can only fight with them or you can bear them.what you will do because you now no one is avalable for your protection.

Its is just imagination not realy but if it will happen people life will be destroy. people will powerful that time they will lose their life ,and people will not feel safe ,people will have fear always ,donot know where anyone will come and what happen with them.

So i thought police have a good role in our socity ,people feel safe theirself and they have one hope of police in any situation.

Momeen khan

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