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Life Grew and down

Hi, its not only me and you but it is for all people,s . We know all the man of this world is same by blood , by work , by daily routine , but thoughts of all man of this world is different .A man as he start his life journey he face many dificulties in his life . As we know a man have all things in his life but he face many ups and down in his life.

As we talk with a successful man that how many difficulties he has faced in his life , he will tell all stories about his life .how he was a small man in his life , what his father had done , and how many year he did not meet his family, how many times he escape from death.mean he will tell you all the stories he faced in his life.

If you will ask someone how many year have you passed in his life , he will tell you , but if you will ask him what did he done and what he got in his life and what is the situation this time, he will say nothing , what you have?…. He will say nothing…..where you pass your time he will say nothing….or insteed of this he will say i earn money , get marrige, grow and educate my children, and now they are married and i am free…not more words have to say ,,,,,and he will stop then ,,,,because in all of us know what will happen next few days with him… mean he do not have satisfied answer .. Because everyone in this world searching a right destination but a few one get it on time. mostly in this world do not get it on time..and they die as death come ,, becuase death comes on time.

Mean of mine in this paragraph is this , we are human and we are searching things in this world but mostly from us not getting some little article only bus wasting time and not using our skills properly. and moving here and their. at last we repent that we did not do any thing in our life and we just passed it our did not get right direction ….

Hope you would like these lines.

comments us and tell us how did you find these lines…..

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