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Human the cleaver one

This world is full of different type things. Which is made by crater , Allah create lots of things in this world . All things make for man which is super cleaver from all of them. Allah the all mighty made things in different way , he made approx 18 thousands things in this world and all these things made for human.

As we know Human is more cleaver than all other livings crater in this world , how they are we will talk about it , as the man is more cleaver and as per need he use all the things , A man who is send over earth as the kings of the earth . Because He has different thinking power . Man made things as his need if any difficulties is coming on the way of a man than he try to find its solution and after some experiment he get secusses for his need.

Human which is cleaver uses his skills for his need , if a man need than he uses another living things to protect his self and some time he eat another animal , birds , fish, he uses these things for his on benefits . As we know only human uses another things any how he complete his will .

As we know fox is more cleaver and another animal also use some tricks but human is more and more intelligent and uses his skills for all his work.

So i hope that human has speacial brain and he is able to do any thing but for new things he need to practice hard which is not possible by another creature …

Hope you would like such post please comments aus how did you find this post.

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