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All of we know that tree is essential part of human life , we know for the growth of human trees make a main role to grow . Because all things comes from the trees .

A man when Take birth in this world , he start to depend over the trees , in many ways he uses trees not directly but indirectly he also uses he eat food its comes from the trees, he takes tea if made by the leaf of the trees .

Mean if we will think a moment that all the sides of our life is filled by the trees , if a man is ill , than if the ancient time people directly eat trees leaf and their other parts, but in the modern life this things changed and its palace taken by the medicine, these medicine made by trees .

As nature made human so he made many things for human life because he knows that man is very week , so pass his life easily and with joy he will face many problem , than how it can be solved so god made new ways for human/.

He almighty knows everything he made tree to make life easy , man eat , take medicine , take many things of joys and comfortable all things mostly made by trees and comes from trees.

My mean not to tell that definition of trees but in my own experience What we are taking we should pay that things. So that we are using tree to fresh air, protecting our surrounds from sun and many hazards , but as we are cutting big forest time will come soon level of carbon dioxide will increase and to taking breath it will be hard for human being.

As we are taking fresh air we should made plan and grow more tree to our future generation to protect them from the warm of earth. and if they will take fresh air they will healty and they will work for the humankind.

so every man should planted 100 trees in his life . Than all the world will full of greenery which will be comfortable to all ..

Hope that this is beneficial to all,,,,,,

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