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Importance of Water

Hi, friends today i am going to write about the importance of water in the life of human and every creature of the world. so i hope you will find this paragraph beneficial to the all human being.

This world made by Almighty Allah , who is all powerful , who have all type power , every thing even a partical of an atom , he knows every things. so God some thing for all the livings things.

We know that without water we do not imagine life in this world . it is main part of human as well as all creature. Water made by Hydrogen and oxygen two molecule of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen made a single molecule of water. Mean it is combination of hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen and oxygen bonded to each other by covalent bond . God knows every things and he knows that water is mandatory for human being so he made 3 part of land filled by water.

Water sources

Water have many sources in this world . Allah send water many ways in this earth. A big part of water is in the ocean which is salted . This water is drinkable , but these days many countries are making this water drinkable they are filtering water by many machines and using this water for drinking and other works.

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